5 – 4oz BeachFly Beers of your choice 

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Space Kolsch
Kölsch | 5% ABV – 23 IBU
Light & Crisp German ale with a soft bitterness balances subtle sweet malt character, light hop aroma, and a clean finish.

Turtle Trax
Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat | 5.4% ABV – 15 IBU
Light and refreshing with tropical notes from a blend of citrus zest & tamarind. Well balanced fruitiness, yeast character and medium body create the perfect Florida beach beer.

Purple Porpoise Pale Ale
Pale Ale  – American | 4.7% ABV – 30 IBU
Pale, hoppy ale with a delicate maltiness to make for an easily sessionable beer

Canova Sunrise Red
Red Ale | 5.6% ABV – 29 IBU
Brilliant red ale with a rich malty complexity, dry finish and a subtle hop profile.

IPA – American | 6.6% ABV – 62 IBU
Indian (harbour beach) Pale Ale An approachable, hop forward IPA with a focus on balance and drinkability. Our blend of hops lay down a foundation of citrus and pine.

Foreign Extra Stout | 8% ABV – 54 IBU
Very dark, strong stout with assertive bitterness, rich roasted malt character, and a dry finish that makes this an intense yet approachable island stout.


What Gose Rind
Watermelon Gose | 4% ABV – 6 IBU
This gose (GOHZ-uh) is made with the addition of fresh watermelon to provide a candy-like tart to this refreshing summer beer. A touch of salt contributes to the overall drinkability of this style and blends nicely with ripe watermelon flavor

Waist Management
Session IPA | 4% ABV – 41 IBU
An easy drinking, hoppy, low ABV beer.  Waist Management is single hopped with Sultana to bring out bright grapefruit and subtle pineapple tones, balanced with a touch of malt, and solid bitterness. This beer was carefully brewed to limit the amount of alcohol sugars, and residual malt sugar in the final beer without compromising flavor. Gluten Reduced & 150 Cal/16oz

Beach Fizz
Hard Seltzer | 5.5% ABV – 0 IBU
This craft seltzer pours a deep orange color with a beer like foam that persists more than most seltzers. Using high quality raw cane sugar and neutral wine yeast we’ve made a seltzer that has notes of white grape, tart apples, and sweet orange. We decided to enhance the natural fermentation flavor by adding fresh orange zest & vanilla.

The Crowd Goes Mild
English Mild | 3.4% ABV – 14 IBU
A session-able English ale with sweet bread flavors, caramel and slight chocolate overtones. This beer is highly drinkable and deliciously balanced with subtle hop bitterness and a rich malt profile. The low alcohol is optimal for all day enjoyment